PokéPark theme park

by the Pocket World team

Just how cool does PokéPark look eh? Here you can see the full map of the theme park that was set up for the Summer of 2006 outside the National Taiwan Science Education Center in Taipei, Taiwan.

pokepark_mapPokéPark theme parkIt was a collaboration between The Pokémon Company, P-project Inc, TV Tokyo and Nintendo and slowly made its way around the world – 2005’s Poképark was in Japan and attracted 4.15 million visitors!

The park had all kinds of exciting rides and attractions based on Pokémon. The Pikachu Forest allows kids to ride on the back of a Pikachu, Mudkip’s Big Splash is a ride through a watery world where lots of hidden Pokémon can be found, Pokémon 3D Adventure is a cool cinema experience in three-dimensions and there’s a Pokémon Safari Adventure when you can have a go at catching the creatures for real!

PokePark1DS Fishing Contest
All those park goers with a Nintendo DS are able to download a special fishing game that’s been made especially for PokéPark. You have to cast your line and coax the fish to take a bite. You can even compare your scores with other DS owners around the park and appear on stage to win big  prizes!

Celebi Encounter
Visitors to the park can download a special PokéPark Celebi to their Game Boy Pokémon games and take him home with them. This is the only way you can catch this Pokémon, you won’t find him at any other event and you can’t swap this Pokémon with friends who have Game Boys!

Old Sea Chart for Pokémon Emerald
The eighth Pokémon feature film ‘Lucario and the Mystery of Mew’ released in Taiwan on 30 June 2006 and if gamers went to the movies they could get a download certificate that can be swapped for an Old Sea Chart download for Emerald at the park. Now they can catch a wild Mew on Faraway Island!

PokePark2Free Pokémon Trading Card Game Jirachi Card
Fans of the Pokémon Trading Card Game have also got a treat in store at PokéPark. Visit on weekdays and you can pick up a limited edition card of Jirachi. Card experts can show off their skills on the park’s main stage while beginners can take lessons from Trading Card Game masters.

We think this is so cool that we’re starting a campaign to bring PokéPark to the UK. Would you buy a ticket? Email us at pokemon-world@imagine-publishing.co.uk and let us know you would support a UK PokéPark!

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    • Michael Young

      1 frikin word: TEXAS

    • kyle

      Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon!!! I wish it was Close to the usa my cousin in china went there and he tweeted me about it he went on bumper cars a thing that spins in the air and a splash ride :D Im sooo Jeoules ;/{ I wish i was there! ;]

    • Elyet

      I would really enjoy on in the US if it was close, I could never afford to go to the UK, but you know I wouldn’t wanna put you guys down with that desicion, I bet a pokepark in the UK would be really fun for other poke fans ^^ with the limited knowledge of Pokemon I have since I only play sapphire I would be embarrassed to show my face, plus I’m still watching the series, but I do have a lot of good cards. So yeah again one in the UK would be fun but I wish one would open near Indiana. ^^

    • Jack Clements

      yeah if you was to ever make one in the uk you should make the rides more scary and for older kids and make a few baby rides

    • Jack Clements

      i think a pokemon theme park in the UK would be amazing every one would go !!

    • LaurenGeodude

      If there was one, it would probably be in LONDON AS ALWAYS. Because Manchester have NEVER had any cool pokémon stuff like that before. If any of you game freak workers are by any chance reading this right now…
      If we ever got anything in the UK, we WOULD accept it. Forget London. Plant one of these cool parks somewhere else in England.
      Then give one to the people in London.
      Put lots of big scary rides in for older pokéfans too!
      If it was a good theme park, It might attract people who never thought about pokémon to get into it!!
      Oh yeah, does anybody here know how big the attractions are in the poképark? Or what age they’re aimed at? I Could go there when I’m older maybe, because me, my friend and my sister are such big fans, we want to live in Tokyo when we’re older!
      I’m already learning Japanese!
      Back onto the subject…
      A BIG ONE!