Pokémon X & Y Revealed!

by the Pocket World team

Pokémon X & Y Revealed!Wow! Nintendo and The Pokémon Company has just announced the first ‘true’ Pokémon adventures for the Nintendo 3DS. In their Nintendo Direct video today, Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata gave a run through of the history of the Pokémon series, then showed off a video with lots of great gameplay footage of the new games – called Pokémon X & Y!

This video stream was shown worldwide simulataneously – and the games will also be released around the world at the same time in October – a first for Pokémon gamers who usually have to wait at least six months after the Japanese release for the games to be translated into English.

With of course cool 3D graphics, the new Pokémon has a cel-shaded look that many will have enjoyed in next-gen console games. The entire graphics system of the Pokémon universe has been given a 3DS upgrade – and the Pokémon themselves look superb! The starter Pokémon are set to be Grass-type Chespin, Fire-type Fennekin and Water-type Froarkie. There are new Legendary Pokémon too – seen flying and prancing around in the video.

So, super exciting news eh? Want to see if all for yourself? Just click play below! We love you Nintendo!

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    • joe

      im so annoyed that i cant get a 3ds

    • marcusisepic

      Definetley X with Chespin

    • Alex

      It Looks Great. I hope they edit the names for the English games, as to be honest Froakie… Seriously?? But the legendary for Y looks pretty good, and Chespin is my fave starter at the moment. Pity my computer has no sound.

    • Gabriela Ince

      I’m gonna get the new games and out of the three new starters my favourite one is Fennekin and I’m gonna pick that one in both the games when I get them.

    • Miner

      It Comes just after my B’day, so I’ll ask for a pre-order.

    • Hannah

      Judging by the legendaries, I like Y the best! My favorite starter so far is Fennekin.
      Which version will you pick? Which starter is your favorite?