A new Mystery Dungeon game is coming!

by the Pocket World team

A new Mystery Dungeon game is coming!We’re just settling down to play the new Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 games when – BAM! Another new Pokémon game slams into our newsfeed. Out in Japan on 23 November is Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Magnagate and the Infinite Labyrinth. Yes, a new Mystery Dungeon game that uses the advanced tech inside the Nintendo 3DS. We guess an English version will be appearing early next year – probably Easter time.

The game is looking great with superb hi-res 3D imagery of all your favourite Pokémon – it’s the first Mystery Dungeon to feature Unova Pokémon, and you’ll be selecting a starter Pokémon from Pikachu, Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott or Axew.

What’s got us really excited is the augmented reality features where new dungeons will open up depending on where you are pointing your 3DS! How exciting! Here are some screenshots to be going on with…

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    • http://www.pocket-world.co.uk shannon

      I can’t wait until it comes out in english version!

    • Tornadus

      Hey i just got 3DS XL for christmas and i got pokemon black 2 its amazing pokemon b/w 2 just came out and they are already making another game! Like the card series While dragons exalted was coming out suddenly there was big news of boundaries crossed and now plasma gale! and it has my fav pokemon TORNADUS X3

    • Geolu494

      I can’t wait it will be so cool and as I every generation of games so far then this will make a good addition to the collection

    • Ryan

      OMG!!!!!!I want a 3ds xl for xmas and as soon as I get it i’m buying this!!!:)I LOVE mystery dungeon and think it’s great.(even my bro has blu res team!)I really found the ending sad,though…poor charmander…I’m a totodile named pikachu(I like pikachu, ok!?!)and bro was cyndaquil.Jhoto all round,I guess!

    • Domantas

      Oh My Goodness, That is so cool!!! I am definetly going to get this game and im asking my parents for a 3DS so i can enjoy this game!

    • mimi

      looks like an epic game! roumer has it tghey are coming out in march. like a boss!