Pocket World issue 137

by the Pocket World team

The brand new Pocket World is on sale now. Get down to your local Tesco, ASDA, Sainsburys, Morrisons, WHSmith or local newsagents and get your copy! Or you can buy it direct from us at It’s packed with great monster stuff including…


Pocket World issue 137A Pokémon Celebration Bumper Pack!

Pokémon A-Z
- From Ash to Zoroark, we’re working our way through a Pokémon A-Z bringing you lots of cool facts.

Meet New Skylanders
- Sprocket, Hot Head and Flashwing come out to play plus lots of cool kit.

Pokémon Black 2 Gameplay Diary
- Join us as we continue our adventure through Unova.

Angry Birds Star Wars
- May the birds be with you in this cool new mobile game.

Pocket World issue 137Also inside…
- Paper Mario Sticker Star
- Ben 10 Omnitrix
- Pokémon Trading Card Game
- Close-Up on Internape from Pokémon
- Hot Wii-U games you will want to play!

Free with this issue…
- Silver Pokémon Stickers
- 2013 Monster Calendar
- Skylanders Giants postcard
- Monster pinball game
- Shockers bar sweet



Pocket World issue 137Pocket World issue 137.







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    • Gabriela Ince

      Hi Magazine people
      I’d just like top say thank you for putting my photo of my Pokemon collection in issue 137. In one of the upcoming issues could you please print in your magazine, a photo of me with a cardboard cut-out and my two plush toys? I sent the photo today.

    • Sarah

      Hi there, I posted way back in April because my daughter was very upset abut the change from Pokemon World which she used to read. When it first changed the mag seemed as if it had been suddenly aimed at very much younger children (she’s now 13) and it also said for boys somewhere on the website which upset my daughter as girls can like this stuff too!

      Anyway I just bought her a Pocket World for the first time in months as I thought she might like something fun to read and from the cover it looked like it had lots of Pokemon in it and Skylanders which she is a big fan of.

      She’s enjoyed reading it. We think Pocket World is quite cool now. There seems to be lots more information in it and more to read.
      She’s still really mad on Pokemon but we also both love the Skylanders coverage in your mag and my daughter likes the Moshi Monsters stuff too.
      It’s been almost a year since we last bought Pocket World but I think my daughter will have another look at Pocket World each month now.

      We think issue 137 is great! There seems to be lots of Pokemon with other good stuff like Skylanders which we love. We will definitely look out for issue 138!