Ask Professor Yew – 10

by the Pocket World team

Ask Professor Yew - 10Good news, kids! Professor Yew isn’t just our resident Pokémon expert: he’s also a whiz when it comes to Yu-Gi-Oh!, Moshi Monsters, Beyblade and Bakugan! Be sure to send in your monster related questions to him. Take it away, Prof…

Ask Professor Yew - 10Different forms of Rotom


Dear Professor Yew,
I have one Pokémon game, which is Pokémon White Version. I have a Rotom, but I want to turn it into a Wash Rotom. How do I do this? Also, which Pokémon evolves with a Dawn Stone? Thanks!
Liam Shaw, age 10, Emu Park


Many thanks for the letter, Liam. Congrats on catching Rotom! To change Rotom’s form go to Route 9, near Opelucid City, and visit the Shopping Mall Nine. Head to the basement of the store, where you’ll ind a storage room. Open the various storage boxes until you find the washing machine and voila, you’ll have Wash Rotom! As for the Dawn Stone, it only causes two Pokémon to evolve: male Kirlia will evolve into Gallade, while female Snorunt will evolve into Froslass.


Ask Professor Yew - 10Searching for Celebi in SoulSilver


Dear Professor Yew,
My name is Leon and I live in Cardigan Bay. I’m not sure how to get Celebi in Pokémon SoulSilver. I have just started liking Pokémon only a few months ago and only now thought about mailing in. I would love it if you put this in your magazine.
Leon sanders, age 10, Cardigan Bay


Thank you for the wonderful letter, Leon. Unfortunately, Celebi is an event-only Pokémon. It was last given out in the UK from 19 to 27 February 2011. If you didn’t get the chance to download it you’re out of luck. You can always try trading with a friend. Celebi is well worth obtaining: if you enter the Ilex Forest Shrine with Celebi you will travel ahead in time to battle the leader of Team Rocket, Giovanni.


Ask Professor Yew - 10In search of Yu-Gi-Oh! DVDs


Dear Professor Yew,
It was my birthday on 10 December and I got a DVD movie called Yu-Gi-Oh: Bonds Beyond Time and I really enjoyed it. We watched it as part of my party with my friends. Can you tell me what other Yu-Gi-Oh! DVDs I could get to add to my collection? And where can my mum and dad buy them? Thanks.
Ben Kristner, age 9, Worcester


Happy belated birthday, Ben! I’m glad you enjoyed the Yu-Gi-Oh! movie. Regrettably, Yu-Gi-Oh! DVDs are hard to come by in the UK. An excellent place to look for them is on Amazon.co.uk, or get your mum or dad to try on eBay. If you’re really lucky you can sometimes come across them in your local stores like HMV, but rare DVDs like these are much more accessible online. Here are some fantastic Yu-Gi-Oh! DVDs I’m sure you’ll enjoy: Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie and Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie: Pyramid of Light.


Learning Headbutt in HeartGold


Dear Prof Yew,
I am a very big fan of Pokémon and have the DS games Pokémon Black and HeartGold. I am having problems with getting past Goldenrod City. Whenever I look into the trees and press the A button, it says “There is a large formidable tree that looks like it can be headbutted.” I think it might mean that I need to get one of my Pokémon to use Headbutt, but I have no Pokémon that can use Headbutt so I need to know where to get the Headbutt TM. Can you please tell me?
Adam Daniel, age 6, Ashford


Thank you for your letter, Adam. You’re right, you’ll need to teach one of your Pokémon the Headbutt move to strike these special trees. Headbutt is no longer a TM in HeartGold and SoulSilver – head to the move tutor in Ilex Forest to teach a Pokémon on your team Headbutt. Next time you encounter a tree you’ll be able to use Headbutt and battle any Pokémon that may be hiding up top.


Ask Professor Yew - 10Moshi Monsters goodies


Dear Professor Yew,
My sister Jessica and me have just started collecting Moshi Monsters stuff. She is only five, so mum and dad thought that Pokémon was a bit scary for her! We have lots of the little figures, and we have quite a good collection of the Mash-Up trading cards, but a friend of mine said that he heard you could get sofas and beds! Is this true? Please let us know where from, as Jessica would
love these. Thanks for your help!
Adam Falkirk, age 8, Wakefield


Hi Adam and Jessica, sounds like you have quite a Moshi Monsters collection! Your friend is right, you can buy all sorts of cool Moshi Monsters goodies. You can buy
the Moshi Monsters single duvet set, including duvet cover and pillowcase with all your favourite Moshi Monsters, for £27.99 at the official Moshi Monsters store: store.moshimonsters.com. There’s also a Moshi Monsters flip-out inflatable sofa for £34.99 and Ready Beds for 8-12 year olds for £39.99 made by Worlds Apart. These great items will be in the shops by the time you read this. They are perfect for having friends over to stay in your bedroom for a sleepover, or just for relaxing in front of the telly!


Ask Professor Yew - 10Breeding Pokémon in Black and White


Dear Professor Yew,
I have a question about Pokémon. I have almost every Pokémon game on DS and I especially like Pokémon White. The main Pokémon I’m training are two Lillipup. They are Lv.4 and Lv.14 (I started a new game.) When I try and breed them at the Day Care on Route 3, I can only leave one Pokémon at a time. When I try again I have to take it back. Please help. P.S. I really love Pokémon and I must know!
Harvey, age 10, Poole


Many thanks for the letter, Harvey. The Pokémon Day Care is an excellent place to breed Pokémon. At first you’ll only be able to leave one Pokémon – once you reach Nimbasa City you’ll be able to leave two Pokémon to breed. Simply speak to the gentleman outside the Day Care to see if the Pokémon are compatible – if so, an Egg will be produced.


Professor Yew just loves to answer all your questions about any game – but he particularly enjoys anything with monsters in it! You can contact him in these ways…

email: getintouch@pocket-world.co.uk

Snail mail: Ask Professor Yew, Pocket World, Imagine Publishing, Richmond House, 33 Richmond Hill, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH2 6EZ, UK

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    • lucas

      Dear professor yew iv got pokemon platinum and i am struggling on the elite 4 and cynthia. my team is Infernape-lvl 59 luxray-lvl 58 staraptor-lvl 45 giratina-lvl 53 floatzel gabite-lvl 26-i just got him as a gible. Also, how do you get dialga and palkia- iv got both stones but i dont know what to do next from lucas

    • Ben

      Dear Professor Yew,
      I Was Playing my old Fire Red I was playing it and came a arcoss a glitched pikachu sprite also Does MISSINGNO really in the first games?

    • Daniel

      Dear professor yew, when’s is pokemon bank coming out.

    • Shinka95

      You can’t ride it. You can only ride the ones in Lumiose City.

    • Shofu

      Hi there!I was wondering if you could tell me how you are supposed to defeat the elite 4,and champion in pokemon Y.(i’m finding it really hard)! Thanks in advance!

    • luis

      Dear professor yew
      What do you think would be the best team of pokemon using pokemon from all six gens. statistic and type wise?

    • Jamie Frier

      Without wanting to give too much away to people who haven’t got that far on the game yet, you do get a second starter later on in the game. It’ll be the type that’s weak to your starter Pokémon, so if you chose Froakie, you’ll get Fennekin etc.