Pokémon Fan Fiction – 1

by the Pocket World team

The Mountain of Ho-oh! – Retrieve the Shards!

by Brandon Ntuli

Pokémon Fan Fiction – 1A young trainer named Mercury was leaving his home town of Rainfall with his first Pokémon, Riolu…
“Right, five Pokéballs in my belt, let’s go get some Pokémon!” said Mercury happily as he started looking for Pokémon to catch.
“Riolu! Rio rio Riolu!” came the chirp from his Pokémon friend.
“What is it, Riolu?” gasped Mercury. They both looked up and high up was an enormous mountain and on top of that mountain were two Pokémon looking right back at them. One was a giant bird with rainbow wings and just behind the rainbow Pokémon was a very strange-looking Pokémon that just disappeared as soon as it noticed Mercury and Riolu looking at it.
“What was that Pokémon?” asked Mercury, to nobody in particular.
“I believe that was an undiscovered Pokémon, very, very rare,” replied a girl who had overheard Mercury.
“Who are you?” wondered Mercury…
“I’m Saskia, an overheard Trainer!” replied the girl.
Mercury carried on, “And you know what that odd Pokémon was?”
“Not exactly. I do know that the Pokémon is extremely rare and is said to leave a special shard known as the Rainbow Shard if you track it.”
“The Rainbow Shard?” enquired a bemused Mercury.
“Yes, the Rainbow Shard is an ancient item that makes any Pokémon holding it much more powerful!” Saskia filled Mercury in.
Mercury was getting very excited about finding the Rainbow Shard. “Let’s go to the top of that mountain and find the shard!” he shouted. And the three of them set off on the long trek to the top.

Later that day Mercury, Saskia and Riolu reached the top of the mountain and had seen the Rainbow Shard, but the big rainbow Pokémon was guarding it, making taking the item very difficult – even though the Pokémon was asleep! As the Pokémon woke up, Mercury and Saskia got ready to battle this giant Pokémon and take their prize.
“What Pokémon is that?” queried Mercury.
“I believe its called Ho-oh” Saskia quickly replied. Mercury got out his Pokédex to check the stats of this monster…
“Ho-oh, the rainbow bird Pokémon, it is said to have created three ancient Pokémon that restored peace to an old village”, Mercury read out from the Pokédex. “Wow, this Pokémon must be pretty powerful then!”
The two Trainers prepared for battle and then sent their first Pokémon cascading from the safety of their Pokéballs…
“Riolu, you’re up!” shouted Mercury.
“Go, Piloswine!” commanded Saskia.
“Riolu! Use Focus Blast!” came the shout from Mercury.
“Riolu!!!” screamed Riolu as the Pokémon let rip with its special move.
“Piloswine! Blizzard” was Saskia’s choice of move.
“Swiiiiiiiine!!!” screamed Piloswine as it did precisely what its
Trainer commanded.
“Gyaaahh!!!” shrieked the Ho-oh as it unleashed its Sacred Fire attack and created a huge explosion that clashed with the attacks of Riolu
and Piloswine…

The smoke eventually cleared and the battle had ended – Ho-oh had flown away!
“Where’s the Rainbow Shard?” asked Mercury.
“Ri-ri-riolu!!!” said Riolu as he noticed a glow in the distance. Riolu had found the Rainbow Shard and as the pocket monster picked up the item, Piloswine noticed yet another gem, the Aura Shard nearby…
“It’s the Aura Shard!” exclaimed Saskia as she started looking towards Riolu. “Piloswine, you found this?” Piloswine smiled and looked happy because it knew it had found something good! “Piloswine, this is great! Thanks a lot, you can now return to your Pokéball.”
“That Aura Shard will help you a lot more than the Rainbow Shard, but I wonder what Pokémon left it behind?” Mercury said as Saskia examined the new shard item.
“Who knows what kind of Pokémon left it behind, but I bet it was a pretty good one”, the girl Trainer mused.

As the heroes left the mountain and headed of for the next town, they looked at the shards and thought, “Y’know what? This could be the beginning of a great adventure for the two of us!”

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