Great Pokémon Moment – 6

by the Pocket World team

Ash Allows Pikachu to be With His Own Kind

While we all know that Pikachu loves being with Ash, there was a time when our hero nearly lost his electric Pokémon for good. The episode was called ‘Pikachu’s Goodbye’…

Moment6-1Moment6-2Ash is swinging on a vine through the forest, watched by Misty and Brock when he accidentally smacks into a tree. Worried for his Trainer, Pikachu rushes over to see if he is okay. Just then a baby Pikachu pops up and then quickly runs away. Ash and Pikachu follow the baby and discover an entire Pikachu clan living in the forest. On seeing Ash, Misty and Brock they get scared, but one brave monster shakes tails with Ash’s Pikachu. The bond between the wild Pikachu and the one we all know and love is strengthened when the baby falls into a river and Ash’s Pikachu jumps in to save it. Both are rescued by an amazing sight – all the Pikachu join their tails together to pluck them from the river.

Moment6-3Moment6-4It’s obvious that Pikachu is meant to be with his own kind. Desperate for a Pikachu for their boss, it’s not long before Team Rocket appear and start plucking monsters with a net. Ash’s Pikachu soon puts a stop to this by nibbling through the net. With the Pikachus saved, Ash walks away sad. He knows he must leave his good friend behind. Just when you think it’s all over for the duo, Pikachu comes running back and jumps into Ash’s arms. Although it would love to be with other Pikachu, Ash is too important to it! Ahh.

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    • Pikachu2000

      Ash nearly releases his Pikachu in the 39th episode. This is what happened:
      They wre walking in the bushes when Ash decides to play on the vines. He smashes himself on the tree body first. He collapsed on the ground. Pikachu rushed to him to see if he was okay(Top Left Corner). Apparantely there was a tiny Pikachu that saw what happened. Pikachu followed them in the forest. When Ash ran to find his pal, he, Brock and Misty found themselves behind bushes to see what was happening. When he ran out and shouted hello to them, they all ran away. There was a Pikachu struggling helpleesly being drifting off. The wild Pikachu form a chain for the Pikachu to climb up(Top Right Corner). Unfortunately, Team Rocket spot the Pikachu(Bottom Left Corner)and start capturing the wild Pikachu in a huge net. All the Pikachu start chomping away on the ropes until nightime when they were saved. Ash runs and hugs Pikachu but it jumps and goes to the Pikachu. they started to cheer. That night, Ash couldn’t sleep because he missed his pal. he runs away from pikachu telling it will be safer there. He starts having memories of it. Right when he ran so far away, Pikachu followed him and started walking towards Ash. The Pikachu started cheering once more. Pikachu jumped into Ash’s arms(Bottom Right Corner)and Ash hugged it. The narrator tells us that Ash decided to keep Pikachu.

    • leafion

      HA COOL love it lol lol lol

    • kadan

      it was the best monemet when ash got pikachu

    • Lucario.LV.X

      The bond between Ash and pikachu is strong and perhaps,all of us,in our own special way can feel the same way towards our own pokemon as Ash feels towards pikachu because if you love something you will set it free even if in your own heart you dont want too.

    • ss

      i looooooooovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee ash so muuucchhh he is so double cute

    • ss

      i wish i had a good friendship with my pokemon


      is anyone on

    • ss

      aww ash and pikachu are so sweet together

    • http://? emma

      ash is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

    • Flying Pikachu

      I seen that episode too, it was soooo sad :’(

    • ditto

      i think i saw half of it

      (it was sad)

    • Ben

      hmmmm mabey once ash is the best pokemon trainer he could take pika back and let him stay with the other electric pikachus

    • Poohyena-Lover

      Aw that’s so cute. Pikachu knows he has to be with his own kind but chooses Ash instead that’s so sweet

    • ss

      awww how sweet :-(

    • Kunal Kaura

      This a lovely episode!

    • WhiteTiger

      This use to make me cry :( .

    • Tilly


    • Matthew

      It Was A Beautiful Moment While Ash Was Sadly Walking Away Then He Just Hears “Pika!” And Its A Lovely Moment Truly Spectacular

    • mark

      ithink it was sad

    • RIolu

      so sad