Great Pokémon Moment – 9

by the Pocket World team

Team Magma are on the prowl in Hoenn!

As Ash and his travelling companions entered the land of Hoenn, they were confronted by troublemakers that make Team Rocket look like a comedy double-act…

Moment9-1Moment9-2In the Pokémon: Advance Generation series of the anime, there’s an episode called ‘A Ruin With A View’ in which Ash, May and Team Rocket themselves come across Team Magma attempting to discover the secret of a set of ruins while in Oldale Town. Magma is an evil organisation (much like Team Rocket) led by a guy called Maxie, and their goal is to release Groudon, the beast of the Earth, back into an unsuspecting planet where the Pokémon can eliminate all the water and create new lands, just like it did millions of years ago in the past. Team Magma use Fire-type Pokémon like Mightyena, Golbat and Houndoom, and their arch enemies in the series are Team Aqua.

Moment9-3Moment9-4While Team Rocket attempt to do battle with Team Magma when they are confronted by them in the ruins, they take one look at Magma’s vicious Fire Pokémon and Jessie and James start to run for their lives! Meanwhile, Ash and May are getting a lesson in the ancient ruins of Houen from the archaeologist Umezu, when he gets an alert that his precious ruins are being ransacked by a group looking for ancient Pokémon – Magma! Little do they know that these ruins are only accessible with four special sphere keys that only Umezu has in his possession!

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    • Andrew Murdoch

      Yeah, MILTANK. No one knows about that Pokemon anymore. :(

    • Prof. Oak

      First off can I give a big shout out to all you forgotten pokemon out there – I LOVE YOU MILTANK – and secondly everyone who has not said that Johto is the best region and the original dosent know anything!

    • http://pokemonblackandwhite snivy

      from bikash

    • http://pokemonblackandwhite snivy

      snivy hard to catch and snivy smart b.g m.d

    • http://pokemonblackandwhite axew

      axew invold to fraxure invold tohexorus and its cool

    • PokemonIsEpik

      In my opinion, Hoenn is the best region in the series, and Sinnoh is best in the games. I didnt grow up with the original, so i cant say anything.

      Also, I think that people should be mean to Ash, because he’s an absolute idiot, and is rubbish at pokemon. I could probably beat him, if he and pokemon were real. If i could be someone in the anime, i would literally beat him up. I hate him. My fave charactor would have to be May, just because shes not a person with a attitude problem, like Misty, and i prefer her to Dawn. Brock is just getting old, and his ladies thing is taking the mick now, its seriously annoying. Im glad they replaced him.

      With legends, I dont really like them. Theyre just overatted, And saying Arceus is best? Ive beaten a Arceus with a pikachu before. I do like some legends, but i prefer non-legandary.

      My favourite game would have to be Platinum. Its the first game i got and the pokemon are awesome. My favourite would be Chimchar, as it was my starter and could pwn anything.

      My fave pokemon all together would be Dewott, as it just looks awesome. It has great moves and excellent STATs. I had Oshawott as a starter then evolved it into Dewott and kept it like it.

      So thats my opinion on the games, anime and pokemon

    • http://www.Pikachu2000.wikia.com Pikachu2000

      This is how the story goes in the 2nd episode of Hoenn:

      While Ash and his new travelling companion, May walk to Odale town to register for the Hoenn league, an Azurill pops out from the bushes. May throws a poke-ball at it without a battle but fails. Ash tells May that she has to battle the pokemon if she wants to catch it. The wild Azurill runs away making the gang chasing after it. May releases her first pokemon which is her Torchic. She commands it to use peck but misses so it ends up getting stuck in a tree. May chases after it until Torchic uses Ember which not only hits Azurill but its evolutions, Marill and Azumarill. They use water gun making Torchic faint. May asks Ash what to do to which he replies about a pokemon centre. On their way there, they meet an archaeologist called Professor Aldon. May and Ash asked him where the pokemon centre is. He said that they were close to getting there. So the kids ran there. At the pokemon centre, May was asking Nurse Joy to heal her Torchic to which she accepts. She asks Ash to take a tour and Ash was happy to but just before that, he needed to make an important phone call with Professor Oak. Ash told him about his arrival in the Hoenn region and how he met up with May. She told him if he was Professor Oak. She said that her younger brother Max is a fan of Professor Oak. Meanwhile, the evil Team Rocket trio are in the phone booth talking to Giovanni, their boss about arriving in the Hoenn region. He replies that even though Team rocket was an international organization, they haven’t been able to establish a base there and if that Jessie, James and Meowth were succesful, they could talk money later. Giovanni hangs up and strokes his Persian and speaks about wanting to find out more about the organizations about Team Magma and Team Aqua. While Ash shows May the lobby and explains what it is, he overhears two people talking about the Petalburg Gym which May’s relatives own. Ash rushes to them and asks them where it is. Just when he was about to get an answer, May pulls him and asks him where the eating place is. When they were eating, May said that they could provide services which were awesome. Ash told her that it was only for the trainers to visit. They saw Professor Aldon and he saw the kids. He told them that Nurse Joy invited him to stay for a few nights conducting an experiment on the ancient pokemon.(Not like extinct fossils like Kabutops and Aerodactyl but the ancient pokemon that still live like Relicanth)They went in his room but Ash spotted a photo of the ruins he and May saw when they encountered Professor Aldon. Little did they know they were spied my Team Magma Grunts(Top-left and right corner) Lights were switched off and Team Magma grunts came in the professor’s room with their Houndoom with them. They wanted to open the ruins but the professor refused. Nurse Joy ran into the room telling the people that the main power for th Pokemon Centre was switched off but was terrified of seeing Team Magma in the room. The professor finally gave in and the people in the room were locked in the storage room. Nurse Joy said that the Pokemon cannot recover in time so May asked her if Torchic is going to be okay. Pikachu pointed to an air shaft so Ash and may crawled in it. Ash asked May why she wanted to come and she replied that she wanted to have an adventure to. There was an intersection crossing different paths so the gang was confused of which way to go. pikachu ran through one corridor and told Ash to go in that direction. Meanwhile, Team Rocket dug a whole but it was just outside of the window. Team Magma grunts asked them what they were doing so Jessie sent out her Arbok and James sent out his Weezing. The Houndoom nearly attacked them but Arbok and Weezing went in their poke- balls. Jessie said that they made a wrong turn and escaped. They started going to the ruins. Ash and May reached the outside of the Pokemon centre with Ash finding the master key to opening the storage room and may switched on the Main power. They helped Nurse Joy get out but ran off to save professor Aldon. When the Magma grunts and Aldon reached the ruins, they demanded to go in but Aldon said that if people force themselves in, the ruins would collapse. They told Aldon that they wanted to get in. Aldon asked where the keys were. A magma grunt had them. Professor Aldon asked how they got the keys and they told him that they have friends also. He asked them what the meaning of that was and they said that he could get his friends back if he did what they said. So he surrended.(Bottom- right corner) He put the keys in the holes in the right order. Soon the door opened and they were inside a room with drawings. A grunt took photos of the drawings but they were unsucessful so they escaped on their helicopter. It happened as Ash and May ran to professor Aldon asking if he was alright.(Botton-left)Team Rocket were hiding behind a rock whispering about having the keys. Ash and the gang overheard so they recited their motto and sent out Arbok while Pikachu slammed into it and used thunderbolt to send the evil syndicate blasting off. Professor Aldon put the keys in the holes. Then light shined on it. Then the door opened. The gang walked inside seeing a Relicanth. When they return to the pokemon centre, they get Torchic back and leave. When they saw Professor Aldon, he asks why they left so early . Ash says he has a Gym Leader to battle. So the gang head off to Petalburg City.

      To be Continued

    • Pikachu2000

      They could create a new bad team called

      Demolish them. They are weak against Team Aqua.

    • aArceus!!!

      kanto johto and orange islands episodes were the best. especially Mankey gOES Bananas And dittos mysterious mansion. they were really funny

    • wierdy

      Sinnoh is not better than Hoenn- in the show, at least. I do like the game better, but in the show I say the older the episodes are, the better. I mean, Ash’s Squirtle was a gang leader, in the second episode Pikachu TOTALED a hospital, Team Rocket actually could be considered villians in the first episodes and not just pests, and nearly everyone was mean to Ash(calling him irresponsible and stuff like that). The new episodes are sooo boring in comparison. The only Sinnoh episode I really liked was the one with Rotom. That was hilarious!

    • ss

      i like all of them every episode is great

    • Lucario.LV.X

      I agree with Dawn.

    • dawn

      sinnohs better

    • infernapegal112

      hey RARE HUNTER and Arceusgiratinadialgapalkia i see you on nearly every comment page

    • http://www.runescape.com PokePuddy

      Spelling mistake in the title.

      “Houen” is spelt “Hoenn”

      Anyways, enjoyable moment :-)

    • Arceusgiratinadiaglapalkia

      Oh &&*&££^*) Its *&^%