The Seven Deadly Sins!

by the Pocket World team

(Or, how to avoid common mistakes made when playing the PTCG!)

The Seven Deadly Sins!Our intrepid Pokémon World reporters have been visiting Tournaments and City Championships over the past few months and we have noticed that some of you are making what we think are fundamental mistakes. We had to act – so here it is our list of the top seven mistakes we saw being made – Pokémon World’s Seven Deadly Sins!

Sin #1

Sins1Rainbow Energy & Friends
Rainbow Energy and its friends Double Rainbow Energy, Delta Rainbow Energy, Holon Castform, Holon Electode, Holon Magneton, Multi Energy and finally Scramble Energy, can all produce more than one energy type. Some, like Double Rainbow, Holon Castform, Holon Electrode, Holon Magneton and Scramble Energy provide more than one energy as well.

The common mistake being made when these cards are played in a deck is that players think they can dictate what energy types these cards produce. This is wrong and the first of our seven deadly sins.

If it says while in play, “this Energy provides every type of Energy” but provides only ‘1, 2 or 3’ Energy at a time, what it means is that as in the case of Rainbow, Delta Rainbow and Multi Energy the card provides every Energy type but just one energy at a time. So Ralts, 60/101 from EX Dragon Frontiers could use any of these Energy cards to either use its Hypnosis attack, requiring one Colourless Energy or Psychic Boom for one Psychic Energy.  It is as important to remember that when an attack says discard all cards of one Energy type that includes your Rainbow Energy cards and it’s friends, you can not dictate that it is another type of Energy when it comes to discarding.

Sin #2

Sins2One Energy per turn, unless you can legitimately break the rule!

Remember to only attach one Energy Card a turn, be careful when you do your Energy attachment. For example, do you do it before playing a trainer to draw more cards or afterwards? It all depends on the situation so think before attaching and look at the game state too. It really is not worth attaching an Energy to a Pokémon that is going to be knocked out next turn, unless you can get a good attack in first with it. Look out for ways of attaching more than one Energy a turn, like using Blaziken’s Fire Starter or Gardevoirs Psy Shadow Poké-POWER. Rule breakers like these often form the core of decks like the MetaNite deck that abuses Delta Species Dragonites Power to suck Lightening Energy from the discard pile.

Sin #3

Sins3Swift Attacks – bypass Metal Energy and Safe Guard Poké-BODY!
This sin is caused by players not using Swift Attacks like EX Deoxys Fastwave properly. These attacks get through all effects on the defending Pokémon including Metal Energy, Resistance and Poké-BODY effects like Safeguard.

Nidoqueen players beware when Ex Deoxys is played it can One Hit Knockout the Queen regardless of how many Metal Energy is on her! Swift type attacks may not be the most powerful out there and usually will not get you a one hit knockout (OHK) but their ability to bypass all effects on the defending Pokémon make them worth looking at, just make sure next time you play a Pokémon with a Swift type attack you play it properly!

Sin #4

Sins4Stadiums – only one per turn
Here is an old rules change that has slipped by many players, you can only play one Stadium a turn and you cannot replace a Stadium in play with one of the same name. So you can not, for example, play a Power Tree Stadium card, put a Basic Energy from your discard pile back into your hand and then play another Power Tree Stadium to discard the one in play, and then use the new Stadium’s Power again to retrieve another Basic Energy card from your discard pile. So remember with Stadium Cards it is one per turn and no duplication of the one in play! If you want to ensure you get regular updates of the Pokémon Trading Card Game rules, then you need to subscribe to Pokémon World magazine where our resident expert updates players all over the world each month.

Sin #5

Sins5Retreat Once – only once per turn unless using trainers
You can only retreat once a turn by discarding Energy, but you can retreat multiple times by using Trainers such as Switch and Warp Point or Energy cards like Warp Energy. This once per turn limit on retreating has been around a while but still gets misplayed time and time again. So look out for it and do not retreat more than once a turn yourself.

Sin #6

Sins6Self Referencing Cards – complex but important rules
Now this looks more complex than it is, honest! Some cards refer to themselves by name of the Pokémon on the card. For example the Slaking reprint from Ex Power Keepers has the Poké-BODY Lazy which says, “As long as Slaking is your Active Pokémon, your opponent’s Pokémon can’t use any Poké-Powers.” Some players have argued that if any of the TCG Slaking cards are active whilst a Slaking with the Lazy Poké-BODY is in play then the Pokémon Body applies to it too and your opponent can’t use any Poke-Powers. That is incorrect, the way to read the sentence is, “As long as this card is your Active Pokémon, your opponent’s Pokémon can’t use any Poké-Powers.” By replacing the text Slaking with this card we can now see exactly how the power works. This is called self referencing and is the easy way to read these complex Poké-Powers and Poké-BODIES so that they work correctly.

Sin #7

Sins7No Evolving on the First Turn – Unless you have played a card that allows you to break this rule

Another fundamental rule of the game that gets forgotten sometimes in the heat of battle is this one, you can only evolve a Pokémon once per turn and not on your first turn or the turn it first comes into play. You can get around this with the use of Rare Candy and Wally’s Training, for example, but otherwise the rule still stands. So make sure you do not try to evolve your Pokémon when they can not do so.

Thou Shalt Not…
1. Rainbow Energy and pals – misplaying cards that produce more than one Energy type.
2. One Energy Attachment per turn – unless you have card in play that allows more.
3. Swift Attacks – does ignore all effects on the defending Pokémon including Metal Energy and Safeguard.
4. Stadiums – Only one per turn and not the same as already in play.
5. Retreat Once – but Switch and Warp do not count towards this limit.
6.Self Referencing Cards – A complex but very misplayed rule.
7. No Evolving on the First Turn – unless you have played a card that allows you to break this rule.

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    • Ghislaine Hallacy

      sins are a load of rubbish for cheats who are so dessperate to win it is wrong to cheat and that the sins are so common. I am constantly facing opponents using at least one of the sins

    • Shaun AKA waff

      Would u look at all the comments from little kids haha, well i guess that’s who this game is mainly aimed at,.. these rules are in place to keep things fair lol, if they did’nt have them every1 would do what they wanted which would get rather boring pretty quickly, don’t ya think.

    • http://www.Pocket-World.co.uk Gallade_Girl

      I have rare candies, and I used to have Sceptile.

      I also used to have Ralts Dx