A Monsuno Stocking Filler!

by the Pocket World team

A Monsuno Stocking Filler!Here’s something we would all love to see poking out of the top of our Christmas stocking on the big day – a brand new DVD of Monsuno!

From Freemantle Home Entertainment, this PG release is called The Battle Begins and starts with the Monsuno hurtling through space a million years before man even existed. Monsuno burned through the planet’s atmosphere and crashed into the four corners of Earth – killing off the dinosaurs in the process!

Then they disappeared as quickly as they arrived. But now they are back! The return of Monsuno could spell the destruction of planet Earth, but luckly we have a new hero! 12 year old Chase Suno is an expert in Monsuno, but he’s untrained and unpredictable. Follow Chase as he battles with Monsuno in these first seven episodes of the hit CiTV cartoon series.

In shops now, priced only £7.99!

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