Angry cards!

by the Pocket World team

Angry cards!Rovio’s iPhone phenomenon Angry Birds is the latest in a long line of popular properties to break into the trading card market. You’ve flung them at bricks and pigs… now collect them all and enjoy Angry Birds in a whole new way! The simple rules make it easy to learn for players of all ages, but with 180 cards to collect, there’s also a level of depth present that is not to be sniffed at!

Angry cards!It’s not just cards, either. E-Max, the company doing the card game, has also put out a new sticker collection (with 178 stickers to collect) with an album to go with it. So if you just can’t get enough of those wonderfully cross birds and those annoying piggies, you now have several new ways to show your dedication! Both the trading card game and the sticker collection should be in the shops by the time you read this. What are you waiting for?

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