Another Wii!

by the Pocket World team

Another Wii!The Wii-U is just gearing up for a Nintendo-tastic Christmas around the world, when another little Wii pokes its head around the door! Over in Canada Nintendo has a Wii Mini ready to go on sale on 7 December priced at $99.99 (that’s about £63!). The electrical retailer Best Buy let the cat out of the bag by posting the new console on its website a bit early!

It’s a remodelled version of the original Wii that offers an alternative new console to those that can’t afford the new big brother Wii-U machine.

Nintendo has gone on record to say that this new Wii Mini is for Canada only this year, but they have not denied that it may come out in other countries down the line.

So many Wiis to choose from – so many versions of Super Mario Bros to play!

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