Download the iOS Pokédex today!

by the Pocket World team

Download the iOS Pokédex today!It’s not long since we announced the incredible news that Pokémon and Nintendo had released their first non-Nintendo Pokémon app on iPhone! The new Pokédex was out in Japan, and the thought of a Western release was a distant memory… well things change quick in the videogames world! Pokémon fans all over the world can now download the Pokédex iOS app for their iPhones, iPods and iPads in its full English release!

Download the iOS Pokédex today!The app costs £1.49/$1.99 and all you need to do to find it is search “Pokédex” in the App Store. Pokémon Co has done a great job with this app too – it includes full 3D animations of all the Unova Pokémon, with secret ones tucked away and available through entering special codes. You can make each Pokémon perform special moves, see how they compare in size to Pikachu, hear their cries and then check out all their battle and evolution stats.

The first download is only the beginning though – every region of Pokémon is available to download at the whopping price of an extra £3.99 for each set. We think this is a tad expensive really, it will take you nearly £18 to get the full set of 649 Pokémon – that’s a lot for something that is not even a game. It’s great to see Pokémon making an appearance on devices other than Nintendo though. What’s next – a full Pokémon Yellow remake for iOS? That would be cool!

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