Feel the Angry Birds force!

by the Pocket World team

Feel the Angry Birds force!Shooting into the shops from a galaxy far, far away just in time for Christmas is a fantastic new range of Angry Birds Star Wars toys from Hasbro! These are based on the newly launched Star Wars edition of the massively popular Angry Birds mobile games from Rovio Entertainment. Pocket World took a look at the new toy line-up and can confirm that our favourite is the AT-AT Attack Battle Game!

You can stack, launch and destroy those pesky pigs with the AT-AT Attack Battle Game – it has 21 blocks to create your Star Wars AT-AT and a cool Lightsaber Launcher to catapult your 12 Angry Birds figures at the model. The pack also comes with a code to unlock extra content in the Angry Birds Star Wars game. You can grab one of these for £34.99.

Feel the Angry Birds force!Also in the range are Battle Game Packs with three Angry Birds Star Wars characters in them, one that’s exclusive to the pack, along with a Lightsaber Launcher and some blocks to create your own Imperial Pig structures. These come in three varieties – Darth Vader’s Lightsaber, Jabba’s Palace or Fight on Tatooine for £12.99 each.

The four key characters from the game can be found in the Early Angry Birds package for £9.99 – R2-D2 Egg, Luke Skywalker Bird, Princess Leia Bird and Chewbacca Bird and for pocket money power there are Mystery Bags with one figure in them for only £1.99.

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