Pokémon Wi-Fi Tournaments!

by the Pocket World team

Pokémon Wi-Fi Tournaments!Pokémon has just announced it is expanding the ways to compete by adding Wi-Fi tournaments to the 2013 Video Game Championship series season. The Global Battle Union (or GBU) Wi-Fi tournaments will make it easier for Pokémon videogame players to enter the Pokémon World Championships. Kicking off the season is the 2012 VGCS Winter Battle that takes place between 13-17 December.

Pokémon Wi-Fi Tournaments!Those that finish top in the Wi-Fi tournament will earn themselves byes at live tournaments and Championship Points. The ultimate goal is to earn an invitation to the 2013 Pokémon World Championships in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Pokémon Wi-Fi Tournaments!If you want to take part in the Pokémon Winter Battle you need to click here to visit the official website and register between 5 December and 13 December. Players that manage to maintain a low disconnect rate (don’t go outside of your Wi-Fi zone while playing!) will earn themselves a Custap Berry. This is a really powerful berry that gives any Pokémon holding it a better chance of striking first in battle after its HP gets low.

The Winter Battle is just the first of a string of exciting Pokémon Video Game events coming up, here’s the full list…

• Wi-Fi Event: 2012 VGCS Winter Battle (13-17 December 2012)
• Wi-Fi Event: 2013 Pokémon International Challenge January (24-28 January 2013)
• Wi-Fi Event: 2013 Pokémon International Challenge March (21-25 March 2013)
• Wi-Fi Event: 2013 Pokémon International Challenge April (18-21 April 2013)
• Wi-Fi Event: 2013 Pokémon International Challenge June (20-24 June 2013)

If you take part in any of these Pokémon events, do email in to Pocket World and let us know how you got on! We’ll make you famous in our Chatter pages! Email us by clicking here.

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