WIN MiniMonos goodies!

by the Pocket World team

WIN MiniMonos goodies!Are you a martial arts masters or a brave buccaneer? WIN MiniMonos goodies!

MiniMonos is awash with swashbuckling pirates and deadly ninjas as the two teams embark on a thrilling race to come out victorious and raise their flag in triumph on MiniMonos island.

WIN MiniMonos goodies!Simply decide if your loyalty lies with the brave buccaneers or the marital art masters – let us know why in the story comments box below and you could be in with a chance of winning an uber cool MiniMonos bundle of goodies, including your very own hoody, T-shirt, phone cover and membership card! We’ll give them to the sender of the best comments we get!

WIN MiniMonos goodies!Then grab your parrot or your ninja suit and head over to Minimonos (www.minimonos.com) to face the battle ahead!

Pitting their wits against each other, the two sides must show no fear as they work with their team mates to complete a number of arr-some challenges. Pirates and ninjas will be tasked with hunting high and low for swag to score points for their team’s treasure chest to boost their quest for glory!

Gather all yer mateys at www.minimonos.com, and may the best team win!

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    • RocketMonkey

      How Every Pirate Plan Fails-By RocketMonkey

      From the base in the forgotten foggy moutain path the ninja’s were suiting up for their next treasure raid
      “We must be sneaky to get the trash from those silly pirates” said a monkey in a blue ninja suit and all of the ninja monkeys agreed
      “Lets go monkeys!” said the ninja in the black suit and with that everyone left the ninja base and went around MiniMonos island in search for junk that could turn into treasure as the pirates began there attack on the ninja base which was currently deserted “Arr this is too easy” said a monkey in a navy pirate suit “Those pesky ninjas left their base wide open,and look at all that treasure”
      The pirate monkeys turned and faced the treasure chest that was overflowing with banana chips and gems,they had way more than the pirates
      “Come on me harties let’s get this yer treasure before they return and sccuper our plans”
      As the pirates got to work taking handsfuls of banana chips for their own total the ninja in the blue suit returned and saw the scene before his eyes
      “Stop right there you silly pirates” suddenly every pirate monkey turned around in shock “i should of known you would of done something like this”
      “Arr that may be,but there’s only one of you and over 10 of us,what is a single ninja going to do?” and with that some of the pirate monkeys laughed
      “Well thats where you’re wrong” and suddenly over 20 ninja’s appeared out of thin air
      “You wouldn’t think we’d leave our base un defended did you?” a ninja in a pink suit said