Mesmerelda show on Skylanders SWAP Force

by Jamie Frier

Kaos has a dangerous siren on his side and we have a video of her song to listen to if you dare!

Mesmerelda show on Skylanders SWAP ForceHer name is Mesmerelda and you’ll come across her when playing Skylanders SWAP Force, but be wary as she is one of Kaos’ most trusted minions and will put up a huge fight if you dare challenge her to battle.

Mesmerelda can be found in the Frostfest Mountains, which is a key level in SWAP Force and will treat you to this epic musical number which will have you tapping your toes and humming away. Just don’t let your guard down too much because she’s a seriously fearsome fighter.

We love the song itself where Mesmerelda and her puppet servants sing about how the wicked witch has ultimate control over everyone. Although we reckon having four arms is definitely helpful when trying to control tons of things!

Frostfest Mountains is just one of the awesome levels to be found on Skylanders SWAP Force, an epic game where you can make up to 256 brill Skylanders combos by switching bodies and legs of the SWAP Force characters.

Have you got a copy of the game yet? If not, maybe this awesome vid will make you want to help save Cloudbreak Islands from the likes of Mesmerelda and Kaos.

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