Second Trash Pack cartoon hits the web!

by Jamie Frier

If you’ve recovered from the first stink-tacular Trash Pack cartoon then your luck’s in as there’s a second!

Second Trash Pack cartoon hits the web!It’s called ‘Don’t Bring it Up’ and it’s just as gross, disgusting, foul and… brilliant as the last one! It follows Blow Fly and Trash-a-pillar once again in their bin-with-a-window going through their morning routine when… BAM! Mouldy Milk makes a grand entrance and turns their world upside down, inside out and… well… we don’t really want to talk about Mouldy Milk’s insides.

Mouldy Milk is taken through a strict No-Puking routine by Blow Fly with sickeningly funny results. We guess you could call it brilliant vom-edy.

The Trash Pack cartoons are a brill spin-off from the toys that are sweeping playgrounds across the world. Well, someone has to clean up after those gross Trashies! They’ve also brought out a load of different card games so now you can enjoy the Trash Pack in a ton of different forms.

Check out the video below and let us know if you were holding your sides with laughter – or holding your nose because it stinks!


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